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We’re building a better marketplace, a powerful alternative to traditional lesson plans, a path to restore and regenerate our home planet.

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How we  approach education differently

The FSU Solution


STEAM education model focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math 

Home School

Find our homeschooling packages to help enhance your home education program 

Around the World

No matter where you are, there are outdoor learning that can occur! 


Children love to grow all types of plants.  Learn how to grow with your chidlren! 

Staff Favourite

Outside inspiration

See what we are doing to get yourself and your children inspired

Daily creativity

There is something new for you to do and explore every day! 

On-the-go learning 

Download the easy to follow plans to be prepared for your next lesson 

The go-to for outdoor lesson ideas, plans, and more…

You’re Right Where You Belong

Finally, there’s a community that gets it: the highs, lows and awkward in-betweens of the real creator journey. Find inspiration from students, pros, influencers…even our staff and founder.

Need loose parts?

Physical Education

Personal Wellness




Visual Arts

Social Studies

You and Your World



English L.A.

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