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Best Tips For Winter Boots

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

  1. Make sure that your boots are not too tight! There needs to be air space in your boots to keep your feet warm!

  2. Doubling up on socks can help keep your feet warm IF there is enough space in your boots. You are better off with one pair of good socks and air space, then 2 pairs of socks and snug boots.

  3. Dry your boots every day!

  4. A boot dryer can be a great gift for any outdoor enthusiast! They come out in the fall every year at most outdoor stores. (I have had mine since 2014 and it is still going strong!)

  5. Look at the amount of insulation in the boot rather than the temperature rating. Most winter boots have a 200g-400g Thinsulate. For anyone spending a great deal of time outside, I would recommend going for no less than 600g! (2000g is the highest I have ever found)

Boots that are recommended

  • Any waterproof boot with a removable liner. Taking the liner out every night is key! Feet sweat in the run of a day and that little bit of moisture will freeze between the liner and boot and make your toes chilly.

  • Boot for adults- Hunting boots. They are made for hunters that are going to be sitting still, so they have great insulation. Most hunting boots are 1000g-2000g insulation.


  • Bogs- they are heavy, slippery, and hard to get dried out. The little bit of dampness that you cannot get out will lead to chilly toes

  • Insulated Blundstones are warm, but they are pretty slippery on ice! They are good boots for day-to-day running around, but not great adventure boots. media inside your posts.

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