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3 Tips to Enjoy the Outside in any Weather

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing!

  • Attitude is EVERYTHING! If you have a positive attitude about being outside in all weather, then it is going to transfer to the children as well. If you complain about having to be outside on cool, wet, hot, or buggy days, the children will also share in the misery.

  • On chilly days, keep moving! You can go sledding, snowshoeing, or hiking and you will all keep warm and be able to have fun!

  • If you ask a child ‘are you cold?’ chances are they will say yes. It is the same if you ask them ‘are you hot’. By asking ‘how are you feeling? Too warm, too cold, or just right’ they will have to stop and think about how they are actually feeling rather than just saying yes. From there you are able to reevaluate their layers or change the activities to make them more comfortable.

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